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luchaigcaileag asked: If you're still there, I'm curious about what Miranda meant by the "etymology" of Womyn being problematic, because the link is dead. I'm not a fan of the term, but...

This is what was meant:

Humanness is contained etymologically in “man”. Due to patriarchal evolution of the language, “man” lost its unique identifier, but “woman” did not. Therefore to remove the “man” from “woman” is to rob it of its (etymological) humanity. Instead, we should not settle for “man” being both “general human” and “male human” - we should add a unique identifier to “man” for the latter.


[Top Text] The power of patriarchy is in the penis.
[Bottom text] Had a vaginoplasty? You’re just a castrated male!

Anonymous asked: Would it be bad for me to think that penises are unclean? Serious question.

Umm, yes? Thinking any form of genitalia is automatically unclean is bad.



We haven’t had any submissions or original posts in a few months. We still have over 800 followers (down from 1,000 earlier in the year, but still decent).

Feel free to make submissions! Feel free to ask us questions! We’ll still be here, even if this blog isn’t very active. -M

tambrosia85 asked: Hey, I just saw your post about a "polyromantic grey-ace", and I think you misinterpreted what they meant by "polyromantic"... I'm pretty sure what you described would be "panromantic", and "polyromantic" would be like polyamorous, but for asexuals...

Not according to the definition I looked up, according to which “polyromantic” is the romantic analogue to “polysexual,” not “polyamorous.” -M

Anonymous asked: FAAB MAAB MRA WTF do these all MEAN? I was recently trolling a RadFem page, and I was accused of being an "MRA" and all I could think was "How should that be an insult to me when I don't know what it means?" And this is horrid for me! Because I'm all prior service military and shit, so I LIVE on initialisms and acronyms. I would bleed and die for all the times they've saved my ass.

F/MAAB= Female/Male Assigned At Birth.

MRA= Men’s Right’s Activist.


Anonymous asked: Having just perused the Agent Orange files, I wonder if it is even remotely fair to say trans womyn and MRA's are lumped together by waaaah!dfemz because they have declared us a common enemy? Are we SO desperate to have "feminist" cred that we should pass up potential allies just because feminists say so? I'm a trans woman but neither a dyke nor a feminist; just asking.

It’s probably mainly because they see us as men.

And MRA’s are kind of pretty much all entitled assholes, so no, we should not work with them. There are reasons no one likes MRAs.

So yah.

Fuck them.


(I just got up so sorry if these answers to questions are kind of crappy)

Anonymous asked: I'd love to hear your opinion on whether you think gender is a social construct and if you think sex is a social construct or not.

Both of the binaries are social constructs. Also, brain sex is a real thing, but it exists on a spectrum, just as physical sex does.


ghostlykit-deactivated20140916 asked: Hi, I just started following you because today I got thoroughly intro'd to what a "radical feminist" is and ooohhh man did I lose my shit. So there's that. But I also wanted to ask you what you thought of asexuality. I'm a polyromantic grey-ace. Also non-binary DFAB trans*.

That’s quite a laundry list of identifiers you’ve got there! For the benefit of me and anyone reading, let’s try to clarify what those terms mean, first:

  1. polyromantic - you are romantically attracted to several genders, though not necessarily all genders;
  2. grey-ace - shortened form of grey asexuality, meaning you aren’t completely asexual but are close to it, on a “grey area” of the sexual spectrum;
  3. non-binary - you identify your gender as neither wholly male nor wholly female;
  4. DFAB - “designated female at birth”;
  5. trans* - the asterisk indicates a more expansive reference than the term “transgender”, including genderfluid, agender, etc. in addition to the standard canon of transgender identities (trans man, trans woman, etc.)

Now as for what I think of asexuality… well, there’s not much to say. It exists. It’s a thing that’s perfectly fine to be. Our culture doesn’t give it a lot of respect, which is probably a Bad Thing.

I thought I was asexual for most of my life until I started to transition seriously; then I realized it was just my, er, “genital incongruence issue” and I really could have sexual feelings for people.

And those are my thoughts on asexuality. -Mir.

Anonymous asked: What are your thoughts on MRA?

A ludicrous movement, predicated on a set of completely backwards assumptions. That said, like most movements, it presents some interesting and possibly valid hypotheses. That said, it’s still ludicrous to believe that “men’s rights” deserve much attention in a world where gender parity is still a pipe dream. -Miranda

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Karla and Miranda

Hello there! This is a blog to post all of the facepalm-worthy things you hear "radical" feminists say!

This blog is run by two white, able bodied, trans girls, so many posts will be trans* related. However, we encourage everyone to submit their own RadFem Scorpions, whatever the subject matter.

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In the great cities of the world groups of dissidents form their gaunt nexi of discontent and send the roots of change through the black soil of our existence.

-Fay Weldon, The Life and Loves of a She-Devil